aida-300x285Aida enjoys her native homeland of Madrid, Spain, and a degree in Spanish Philology with specialized studies in linguistics. She is also an avid reader and author with excellent Spanish writing skills. She loves what she does and has a passion for the Spanish language and culture.

Aida has over ten years of experience as a proof-reader and Spanish Copy Editor in a wide variety of areas, and for some top companies:  Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico, TVE2 Metrópolis, Susaeta editorial, Servilibro, Anaya Touring Club, Corpus Diacrónico del Español (CORDE/CREA), Lotfi el Gandouri,  José Manuel Blanco and more.

She also enjoys a wide variety of interests and experience in literature, children´s books, newspaper and blog articles (beauty, travel, health), popular books, personal development books, medical texts, academic texts, Spanish as second language text and more.

Aida’s education, studies and certifications include: Spanish Philology degree, proofreading in Spanish, style proofreading in Spanish, Spanish grammar for proofreaders, creative writing, development of publishing projects, Spanish as a second language.

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