Some companies that have benefitted from our English to Spanish translation and copy editing services:

The Washington Post

Translated and copy edited news articles

Associated Press

Copy edited and proofread news stories

The New York times

Translated and copy edited several reports and studies

National Geographic

Translated and copy-edited scientific discoveries

The Guardian

Translated and copy-edited news articles


Translated and copy-edited articles related to immigration issues

New York

Translated and copy-edited magazine articles


Translated and copy-edited articles and studies exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution


Translated and copy edited several biographies

USA Today

Translated and copy edited content for their print, digital, social and video platforms

PBS News Hour

Translated and copy edited several news and reports

Scientific American

Translated and copy edited several studies and findings in science and technology

The Hechinger Report

Translated and copy edited several articles and reports


Top edited and translated several news articles

Council for Aid to Education in NYC

Copy edited and transcribed educational material and assessments

Innovate Schools

Translated and copy edited several school profiles and administrative documents


Translated and copy edited several educational modules for K-12, translated video subtitle

Amira Learning

Copy edited and proofread several educational material

Columbia University

Transcribed and translated audio files of interviews between teachers and students

Creative Society

Copy edited and proofread text for conferences


Translated over 4,500 pages of financial, legal and administrative documents

Amazon Mexico

Translated and copy edited several material for their customers

Soft Tech

Translated and copy edited technical material

Interpreta Chile

Translated a cook book

Psychologies Magazine

Managed editor’s team, designers, and copy editors. Designed content and supervised the process of editing and printing


Market researched, wrote and copy edited material offered to clients from a semiotic perspective.

Fondo para la Comunicación y Educación Ambiental

Edited the handbook Minería


Translated and copy edited travel guides


Translated web content and product description

Spectra Sensors

Translated technical manuals

Web Inclusion

Performed a Wikipedia translation

Agon Shu Honzan

Supported cultural exchange programs for over two years, providing translations and copy editing of numerous articles and monographs

Agon Shu Social

Translated and copy edited web content


Translated and copy edited digital educational material

Common Passion

Translated and copy edited articles, web content and specialized monographs

Sacred Adventures

Translated and copy edited web content

A La Carte Translations

Translated the Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale manual among others

Purposeful Universe

Translated and copy edited a series of books on the deep cosmology of the Mayan Calendar and its relationship to modern scientific thought


Performed editorial review and copy edited other journalists’ articles. Investigated and wrote stories relating to a culturally unique region of Guatemala

Shift Of The Ages Film

Performed subtitles translation and copy editing for the Shift of the Ages film and video shorts, as well as translated web site content

Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, Mayan Grand Elder

Supported the Mayan Elder Council, and translated and copy edited legal and administrative documents while he was an Ambassador in Guatemala


Translated how-to articles

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