“Very professional, very accurate and always on time. As our go-to Spanish translator and editor, Ligia has proven time and again that she is our sole resource when it comes to Spanish communications with our global audience. Whether it’s articles, web content or specialized monographs, Ligia can always be relied upon to deliver as promised.”

Rachel Frey
Program Director, Common Passion

“Aida is the person you want in your team or to help you. She just helped me write a Spanish book on a completely new topic and she impressed me with her work. She is a very thorough writer, she is specially gifted in structuring ideas, and conveying the message to the reader is a very personal manner that the reader feels it like a personal conversation. She is professional and her skills and quality of work have left me with no words. I will totally work with Aida in my next projects.”

Alfredo García

“Natalia rewrote 115 paragraphs in Spanish and was fast, efficient, accurate, and responded to a requested change faster than I’d even hoped for. Recommend highly!”

Scott Hendison

“Ligia was our outstanding editor, writer and journalist for over 5 years. She was central to our magazine’s success, was loved by our readership, and was a consummate professional. She is welcome back any time.”

Juan Miguel Arrivillaga
Ati Magazine

“Ligia understands the plight of my people and unique viewpoints the Maya have on current world events. She has supported the Mayan Elder Council as well as my work around the world disseminating the true message of the Maya. She also supported me and my staff while I was Ambassador within the Guatemalan government representing the needs of the Indigenous Maya in Central America. I highly recommend Ligia for any project to which she commits.”

Cirilo Perez Oxlaj
Grand Elder, Mayan Council of Elders

“I don’t know how we would have completed the Shift of the Ages film and the video shorts, which received over 2 million views on YouTube, without Ligia’s help with subtitle translation and editing, as well translating web site content for our Spanish audience. Her grasp of the cultural difference across the Hispanic world, and deep empathy with the indigenous Maya, along with her attention to detail was unsurpassed. We will definitely use Ligia again for any future film projects.”

— Joseph R Giove
Executive Producer, Shift of the Ages film

“If you are looking for an excellent translator for legal translation, look no further. I am always more than happy with Natalie’s work.”


“Gustavo is an expert in English to Spanish translations. Highly recommended.”

Ana Tarchitzky

“Natalia completed a Wikipedia translation in good time despite difficulties out of her control on Wikipedia. The quality of her work is excellent, and I recommend her.”

Tim Brocklehurst

“Natalia is a pleasure to work with. She is great at meeting our deadlines and understanding and working with our specifications for our English to Spanish Website translation. Always very prompt with her responses.”

Deana E Mydysyn

“I highly recommend Natalia to anyone looking for professional translations. Always on time or early. Always excellent.”

Thomas Oxlee

“I highly and absolutely recommend Gustavo. An absolute professional who turns in impeccable work. Excellent skills and follow-through. It is a real pleasure working with him.”

Francesca Samuel
A La Carte Translations

“Natalia did a wonderful job! She is hardworking and produces great work.”

Monika Mattos
Columbia University

“I continue collaborating with Aida for her autonomy, integrity and focus on details. Aida was always available, and I highly recommend her.”

Lotfi El-Ghandouri
Creative Society

“Great Job again. Thanks, Natalia, for your awesome help and service.”

Stephen Schroeder

“Ligia translation and editing skills were put to the test with my series of books on the deep cosmology of the Mayan Calendar and its relationship to modern scientific thought. She persisted through multiple revisions and articles supporting the marketing and dissemination of my books and was a true support in delivering my work to a global Spanish-speaking audience.”

Carl Calleman
Author, The Purposeful Universe

“Gustavo has provided translation services from English to Spanish for Citibank N.A. since 1989, having translated so far an approximate amount of 4,500 pages of a legal and administrative nature. He has shown quality, efficiently and responsibility in the performance of his duties.”

José Antonio Suárez
Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Services, Citibank, N.A.

“She did a very good translation from German to Spanish. I will work with Aida again with no hesitation.”

Interpreta Chile
Excellent Work

“Aida made a great work in translating an entire story of 17,000 words and was very cooperative and kept all deadlines. Many thanks again!”

Black Tiger Editorial

“Gustavo translated technical manuals for our company under a demanding deadline. Prompt communication, excellent attention to detail; professional and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended.”

E. Miller
Spectra Sensors

“Ms. Recinos supported our cultural exchange programs for over two years, providing translations and editing of numerous articles and monographs by our founder Kiriyama Seiyū. She also performed with excellence as an interpreter in our global Agon-Maya Goma Ceremony with the leader of the Indigenous Maya and Elder’s Council in November of 2010. Ms. Recinos is impeccable in her work, a true professional, and is welcome in Kyoto, Japan any time.”

Miho Suzuki
International Exchange Coordinator, Agon Shu

Very professional and reliable! Good communication and prompt response! Pleasure to work with Aida.


“It is always an enjoyable experience to collaborate with Teresa. Her style, her expertise, and many other skills have ended in great publications, like The Mining Handbook, among others.”

Teresa Gutierrez
Director of the Fund for the Enviromental Communication and Education

“Marina is an excellent translator, with good spelling and good use of Spanish grammar.”

Oscar Avila

“I have known Teresa for more than fifteen years and it has always been a pleasure working with her. She is quite a professional and she knows to perfection what editing means. She is currently editor for the magazine which I am Editor in Chief and I certanly guarantee her work is of the highest quality. My answer is yes! I definitely recommend her. To that, I must add that her enthusiasm, her willingness to learn and her wisdom have been very inspiring to me.”

Diego Bugeda
Editor in Chief, Voices of Mexico magazine

“It was a wonderful experience to collaborate with Teresa when she edited two of my books about the Olmec civilization—Heritage and Future (Herencia y Futuro) and Olmecs, Masterworks of Southern Veracruz (Olmecas, Obras Maestras del Sur de Veracruz). She is very professional, meticulous, open-minded and extremely accurate in her work. It will be a pleasure to work again with her!”

Ann Cyphers

“Marina did a quick translation job, communicated clearly and delivered before the deadline as promised. A very good first impression, thanks!”

Tetyana Bilyachenko
Vemble BV

“I enjoyed working with Marina. She works very fast in her work and is of high quality. I will hire her again in the future.”

Maaike Ronteltap
Marketing & Communications Officer B~TRAY hospitality trays

“Every time I work with Teresa I acquire the certainty that everything is going to be alright. It is not only about professionalism, punctuality and readiness, it is also about her great capacity to make proposals and being accurate. It is amazing how she manages to do high quality copyediting on many different subjects.”

Astrid Velasco
Tintable Books

“We’ve enjoyed working with Marina on English to Spanish travel guide translation over the last couple years. She has conducted herself with professionalism and diligence at all times, and the quality of the work she has performed has been excellent. I have been very satisfied with the translation I received.”

Yuka Kato
Content Manager of Guiomatic

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