Ligia Maria Recinos

Ligia Maria Recinos: Spanish Language Specialist, Founder, Managing Director

Ligia Maria has a passion for the Spanish language, with broad cultural and social experiences in Spain and Central and South America. Ligia founded Spanish with Style in 2005 to help U.S. companies extend their reach to the Hispanic culture and communities within the U.S. and abroad. Ligia and her team of experts help you communicate appropriately in stylistic Spanish that is unique to each circumstance and audience. Ligia is a top-performing Spanish language specialist credited with combining journalism, copyediting, English-to-Spanish translation, interpretation and a deep knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. She is experienced in managing translation and localization projects, translating, writing, and editing print and video using proper International Spanish for education, marketing, public relations, and promoting cultural issues.

Ligia’s professional experience:

  • Create and manage teams of Spanish translators and editors for companies in the education field such as Newsela, GreatSchools, BookLinks, Amira Learning, and Pearson.
  • Manage, translate, and copy edit different projects and educational modules for K-12 in
    all areas: science, ecology, politics, mathematics, language, and culture.
  • Manage, translate, and copy edit different projects and bilingual educational textbooks for
    teachers and students.
  • Translate and top-level edit contemporary news articles for national and international media
    outlets such as The Washington Post, Associated Press, The Guardian, National Geographic Partners, and The Smithsonian Institution.
  • Writes articles and translates content for blogs and social media.
  • Edits marketing collateral for national companies like Johnson and Johnson, as well as supports non-profits and cultural exchange programs.
  • Publishes a Spanish-English Mayan news blog,, which presents news and events about the indigenous Mayan in the Americas.
  • Assisted with a series of articles and video subtitle translation and copy editing for a Japanese organization during cultural exchange events.
  • Translated and edited subtitles and narration for a documentary film about the history and culture of the Maya.
  • Translated and edited marketing collateral, articles and web site content to promote a film and a non-profit corporation.
  • Taught English as a second language to college students
  • Was an investigative journalist and copyeditor who wrote stories relating to a culturally unique region of Guatemala.
  • Writes and publishes the Spanish with Style blog.

Ligia has a Master of Arts in Linguistics from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, in Guatemala City; a Specialized Certification in Translation from UC San Diego; a Spanish Teacher Certification from Centro Lingüístico La Union, in Antigua, Guatemala; and an English Teacher Certification from Centro de Instrucción Audio Visual CIAV in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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